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Antarctic Map

Interactive map of Antarctica; features can be marked, searched, and edited.

Sidebar contains searchable location list. Clicking a map marker or location name pops up editable content.

The Google Maps API’s Mercator projection (which draws an equator centered map) has been replaced by a custom projection, showing Antarctica centered at the south pole. The source map has been cut into a Google compatible tileset for each zoom level.

The location list from server-based Google Earth KML files, which are dynamically updated after edits. While editing, locations can be dragged to new spots on the map.

An HTML history framework handles stepping through previously opened locations, preventing a press of the ‘back’ button from unloading the web app. Commands (such as hiding a location) can also be passed to the map from the URL bar.

Uses HTML4, CSS2, the Google Maps API, and an HTML history framework.