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This site’s heavyweight custom CMS — inherited when I started working with this client — was iteratively built out and refactored to meet a series small project requirements (for example, live page section updates or commenting).

Performance and scaling issues — significant as the site hit new traffic levels — were addressed as necessary.

Social features include a “claim game” — where whatever user contributed the most maps to a particular region is allowed to place a custom boast on its directory page — and user rankings.

The map directory features hover maps of subregions, made with customized graphics.

Maps can be tagged with keywords.

Nearby photos are automatically fetched with the Panoramio API.

Users have their own “map rooms”.

Zoomable fullscreen views of maps are available.

Common user flows — signing in, password recovery, etc. — are handled in-page using AJAX-populated dialogs.

Each map supports a full set of metadata.